Sunday, September 12, 2010

Flexing Those Writing Muscles...

On the subject of inspiration, I've blogged a couple times about how music sets off my creative process.

Recently, a music composer friend, Claude Foisy, sent me a clip of an underscore sample. Just great film music. It instantly conjured up images and situations.
Here's the music clip (you might want to raise the volume):

I listened to the haunting melody a couple of times and found myself writing down what my mind's eye saw.

I can't say what follows is completely original or even very good. It just came out as my heart felt it. The subconscious does have a tendency to regurgitate moments from films that have moved us in the past. Regardless, it was real. It fit the music and I could see it playing out on the imaginary screen in front of me.

I'd like to suggest that you play the clip as you read what follows and see if the images come alive for you.


Not sure if you could call this a meme, but I'd like to challenge you pros and aspiring pros out there. If there's anyone who would like to give this a crack, please send me your little gem and I'll post the best ones: 

I'll show the scenes to Claude. I'm not sure where this could go, but, who knows? The couple of pages you send might turn into something much bigger...